In Memoriam

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all. 
                                                                            *information added since 50th reunion
Edith Naomi Allen (2/19/42-1/7/07 in Umatilla Co. of cancer)
*Roberta E. Aufderheide Way (11/1941-6/17/06 in Lane Co., airplane crash)
Jean Beckos Masson (11/24/40-12/10/81 in Sacramento Co.)
Paul G. Beddow (11/3/41-11/14/06 in Clark Co., WA, of lung cancer)
Helen Biggs
Floyd Don Blaser (4/5/41-3/8/86 in Gilliam Co., traffic accident)
*James Allen Bonney (11/3/41-7/4/10 in Yolo Co., CA, of a stroke)
*James Brown (5/8/40-2/1/12 in Lane Co. of cardiovascular disease)
Sherral Brown Landsiedel (9/29/41-9/9/87 in Lane Co. of cancer)
Dennis Buffington (3/25/41-10/7/82 in Benton Co.)
*Janice Burch Gunderson (4/14/41-2/18/10 in Lane Co. of lung cancer) Obit. link
William “Bill” Butler
David W. Coombs (2/8/41-7/9/04 in Lane Co.)
Linda Cournoyer
Kyle DuClos (6/28/1941-8/16/68 in Lane Co.)
Joyce Eliott
Barbara England Printz (1/13/41-12/5/90 in Washington Co. of cancer)
Betty Marie Field Buffington (6/9/41-12/27/01 in Benton Co., traffic accident)
*Daniel J. “Danny” Fix (8/2/40-1/6/13 in Lane Co. of melanoma)
Rudolph T. “Dee” Folk (3/13/40-5/11/06 in Clark Co., NV, of  heart attack)
Sally Fox
Kenneth L. Friesen  (10/26/41-2/4/06 in Lane Co. of amyloidosis)
Nolan Fugitt
John L. Gale (6/11/41-11/3/03 in Montgomery Co., AL, of cancer)
*Colene Garoutte Johnson (2/19/41-4/30/00 in Lane Co. of heart failure)
Judith Giesy Douglass Torrence (5/23/41-3/25/02 in New York Co. of cancer)
Barbara Lee Gilbert (5/27/41-4/20/01 in Clark Co., WA, of cancer)
Delbert F. Gilman Jr. (7/28/40-10/18/08 in Lane Co. of congestive heart failure)
James Michael Glad (in Multnomah Co.)
Kirk Nix Greyerbiehl (9/24/41-ll/12/71 in Lane Co.)
Charles R. “Rick” Henderson (7/5/40-1/17/05 in Linn Co. of a heart attack)
Peter Hendrickson (12/24/41-11/9/97 in King Co., WA)
*Ruth Holmes (1994 in Lane Co. of cancer)
Warren Johnson
Karen Jordan Stark (5/12/41-6/3/98 in Multnomah Co. of cancer)
William Kanne
Orville E. “Bud” Kingman (12/12/40-10/3/86 in King Co., WA, of stomach cancer)
*Carolyn(n) Elizabeth Koffler King (4/16/42-7/16/2000? in Lane Co. of cancer)
Richard M. Lovell (9/14/41-3/28/07 in Lane Co.)
Zetta C. McDaniel (4/8/41-10/12/01 in Lane Co. of pneumonia)
*Patricia Ann McDonald Gandy (1/21/41-12/16/12 in Lane Co. of cancer)
Roberta Mast
*Della Charlene Matheny Perela (4/12/41-4/29/11 in Clark Co., NV, of heart disease)
Michael Mark Muhr (8/24/41-9/21/98 in Lane Co.)
Thomas Aus Ness (3/41-3/23/76 in Lincoln Co.)
John C. Nosler (5/22/41-6/29/99 of cancer)
Sharon Peterson Sarkissian (5/21/41-4/16/09 in Shasta Co., CA, traffic accident)
William C. “Bill” Price (9/29/41-1/28/99 in Lane Co. of heart problems)
Dianne Puett
Brian Quinby
Betty Renken Meier (1966 in Lane Co. of cancer)
*Dennis Rice (1/11/41-8/7/07 in Lane Co of a stroke)
Donna Mae Richmond (10/14/41-1/2/76 in Multnomah Co.)
Dana Rodman Curtis (6/13/41-10/9/02 of breast cancer)
Mitchell “Mickey” Ruud (7/5/41-8/29/08 in Lane Co. of prostate cancer)
*Delbert “Del” Lee Schaaf (6/4/41-4/3/00 in Lane Co.)  Obit. link
Cheryl Schleicher Stull (10/8/41-4/24/2001 in Clallam Co., WA, of liver cancer)
*George Schumacher (9/26/41-1/22/10) in Douglas Co.)  Obit. link
William R. Seaver (1/28/41-9/21/04 in Lane Co. of cerebellar spinal degeneration)
Judith Sikes (-11/1/61 in Europe, traffic accident)
Gary Edwin Smith (12/29/40-4/17/98 in Lane Co.)
Gerald Statzer
Miechel Ann Swanson Reece (4/23/41-6/25/09 in Clackamas Co. of cancer)
Gary Davis Thompson (7/25/41-9/23/98 in Lane Co.)
Zulla Tiffee 
Elbert F. Tilley (6/3/41-5/23/91)
Larry Oliver Tipton (12/26/40-12/22/94 in Harney Co.)
Janice Vandiver
Larry Vance Vollmer (4/41-10/1/72 in Lane Co. of heart attack)
*Doris I. Walrath (11/23/40-5/31/04 in Pierce Co., WA, of smoking-related diseases)
Jack Gale Watters (5/7/41-8/4/06 in Clark Co., NV)
Dave Wetzel 
Robin Whitney Campbell (8/19/40-1/2/05 in Lane Co. of cancer)
Timothy A. Whitney (-1/8/61 in Lane Co.)
Gerald D. “Jerry” Willis (2/8/41-8/11/09 in Lane Co. of cancer)

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